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There is a grave in plot C155 of our cemetery at Estinnes ...
A beautiful white stone which wears an enigmatic inscription

23RD AUGUST 1914

On a morning in August 2013 ... Jean-Yves DESNOS, head of History and Archaeology association in Estinnes,
speaks about it. The riddle needs to be solved: Who is AK Bassford? Why is buried alone in Estinnes?
How did he die? Thus started an investigation of several months.

You will find the result of this work in the following pages. Mr Bassford became so close to us
over the evenings of research that it became clear what must be done.  He must speak again, to us and to you.
 What follows is what we discovered as if told by the man himself.

Hello my Estinian Friends,
my name is Alfred Bassford and it is with feeling that I will tell you my story.
I hope you enjoy it.

estinnes cimetiere   bassford tombe 01   estinnes plaque commonwealth

      bassford tombe 02     

In memory of the soldiers and of the civilians that had to face the first world war. May their courage and sufferings open our minds and strenghten our respect of the others.
In honor of Anna, Georgina, Katherine, Suzannah, Sonny, Amélia, Holly, Harvey, Gilah and Merryn

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